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"Yoga is IN YOU - You need to CULTIVATE. What do you need to do to make Yoga Prosper with in you.  It manifests Out of you. Help it along." - Pandit Dabral

Pandit Dabral gives a Lecture in Italy on The Himalayan Tradition

Question & Answer with Pandit Dabral.

What is life?

Life is a journey that one is born into to refine, to learn, to understand and to grow into the completeness.

Life is a journey to understand why I am not complete and what can i do to become complete. 

What is Yoga? 

Yoga is a systematic science that brings a balance in life. Yoga is the complete control over the modifications in the mind. In most plain language for the average person, Yoga brings you to balance. If you ask Swami Veda he will say Yoga is that which leads you to Samadhi, Yoga is Samadhi. If it is not leading you to Samadhi it is not Yoga. What is Yoga? Samadhi. Yoga brings samaddhi.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a way of making the unconscious; conscious, the unknown; known and the Infinite Truth Realized.

What distinguishes the Himalayan tradition from other traditions, or makes the Himalayan tradition unique.

 1.It came out of the cave monastery of the Himalayas, so the training and the sages have sat, or they still are sitting, in their meditation in the caves of the Himalayas. 

2. This tradition is also know as a living tradition. The teaching is handed down from a guru disciple relationship.

3. And also a complete tradition that not rejects or leaves any other tradition, but includes rather then excludes and teaches the totality of all Yoga Science and the whole Philosophy. Where as other traditions are not totally gone into the totality of it, they teach only one part of it. so Swami Veda says it is like a frame, and there are pieces to that frame,  and you just collect all of them and then you are able to see the entire frame and picture. The Himalayan tradition is like the frame for that whole picture, and all other traditions are like pieces of that frame. 

Is there a 'best' kind of meditation?

The best kind of meditation is when you have reached or obtained total stillness of the body breath and the mind. there is nothing even in the mind, only an awareness of your being. This is the best. This is a stage of meditation.. there is more to meditation, do not limit yourself.. each state or stage is part of meditation and is still meditation, but the final stage is when you are free from all distractions and disturbances and you are there in totality of being aware of yourself.